Update your Media Center

Time marches on, as they say.  With the influx of paper thin TVs in our homes, don’t cling to the Bookcase style set up in your viewing room.  Just as armoires that held the bulky TVs of old are passé now,  open up your wall space to a New Look.


Whether contemporary, transitional, eclectic, or traditional, there are countless versions.  It’s the clean, uncluttered look that will make you smile.


Warm it Up


Modern Hepburn

With their fingers on the pulse of decorating trends, paint companies featured lots of white as their color of the year.  While there is nothing more serene and peaceful than a calming white interior, what is necessary to make that setting come alive?  Tone on tone whites, featuring undertones that are compatible; touches of nature–plants and wood to warm up the palette.  There is truly more to white than white.


Try Gold for a New Look


Dazzling, Hand Painted Art


Here is how to provide a mini-lift to your interior without too much effort: The pay off will be great with a few touches to update your surroundings. If your home is in need of a lift, since everyone is going lighter and brighter, why not add a little sparkle with some new gold accessories. The new gold is not the stale brass look; it is rich, fresh and new. Take notice of all the new accessories in this finish. Available in all price ranges, find a few to suit your taste. Don’t try just one piece because that will not do the trick. You must repeat the gold in a few areas to make a statement; a lamp base, a dish for the coffee table, a objet for the wall, picture frames, or some artwork with splashes of gold. Go bold! You will have a new look!  Just a word about mixing metallic finishes.  If you are after a new cohesive look you must add enough gold to be noticed.  If there is a bronze or nickel somewhere in the room, don’t hesitate to add the gold in.

Jan Taliercio Interiors, Color & Design

Hello!  Welcome to my inaugural blog for Jan Taliercio Interiors.  As you can see, the emphasis is on Interiors, but with Color and Design as my focus.  Did you ever pick up a paint swatch at your favorite home center, fall in love with the prospect of a beautiful newly painted look for your room, paint it, then, ugh!  I hate it!?  Well, I did!  More times than I can remember.  (I chalked it up to “the things you learn.”)  Whether you hire a painter, or are happy to do-it-yourself, choosing the wrong color can be a costly mistake.  That is/was so frustrating!

Since closing our home decorating store, Decor ‘n Gifts, at the end of March 2016, after being in business in Naples, Florida for 16 years, I knew I wanted to continue to help people with their home decor, but I wanted to have an answer that I would feel confident in giving if I were asked “What color do you think I should paint this room?”  Well, I could feel my palms starting to sweat just thinking about that, so I decided to follow my dreams and pursue decorating with some strong support.  I looked for training and found Maria Killam’s course.  Perfect!  Maria is the  internationally known  creator of her Understanding Undertones course.   Now as a newly certified, True Colour Expert, armed with my “ask me and I’ll tell you” attitude, I can confidently tell you not only what the correct color for your room or home is, but also WHY it is correct.

That, is quite an accomplishment!  Thank you, Maria!


Jan Taliercio is a True Color Expert