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Jan Taliercio Interiors, Color and Design

As a proprietor of Decor ‘n Gifts for many years, Design and Decorating has been my life-long passion!  What could be more fun than helping people put the finishing touches on the home they love?  They would visit our store, stymied, with questions for me.  At times, I would put pieces together that I had on display in my store to stage a lovely vignette for them.   A lamp, a tray on which to corral objects, perhaps a spot of color, such as greenery, or a lovely orchid, a stack of books, a picture frame, anything that would replace what was bothering them with items, that when grouped together, would then have composure, energy, and style!  I also made visits to their homes to define their needs and implement a plan for them.  We would hang mirrors, artwork, bring in lighting, and more!

Moving on in this field that I love, I joined Maria Killam and a wonderful group of designers who specialize in seeing color in a way that is quick and efficient.  I can spot color mistakes in a room, (Why can’t I find any pillows to go with my sofa?”) and immediately know how to fix this problem.  Is it the wall color with the gold beige undertone, fighting with the sofa with the pink beige undertone?  Yes, this can be a really unsettling issue for the homeowner, as I have encountered.

Gone are the days of thinking that all beiges go together, or all grays, or all whites. Some clearly do not.  Perhaps you’re struggling with color.  Do your want a fresh, new look with color?  We first have to look at the fixed elements in your home to see if the blue you love is the right one.  Once I show you, you will see what I mean.  It will make sense to you.  You will understand how we can fix your color issues once and for all.

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Jan Taliercio is a True Color Expert TM