Try Gold for a New Look


Dazzling, Hand Painted Art


Here is how to provide a mini-lift to your interior without too much effort: The pay off will be great with a few touches to update your surroundings. If your home is in need of a lift, since everyone is going lighter and brighter, why not add a little sparkle with some new gold accessories. The new gold is not the stale brass look; it is rich, fresh and new. Take notice of all the new accessories in this finish. Available in all price ranges, find a few to suit your taste. Don’t try just one piece because that will not do the trick. You must repeat the gold in a few areas to make a statement; a lamp base, a dish for the coffee table, a objet for the wall, picture frames, or some artwork with splashes of gold. Go bold! You will have a new look!  Just a word about mixing metallic finishes.  If you are after a new cohesive look you must add enough gold to be noticed.  If there is a bronze or nickel somewhere in the room, don’t hesitate to add the gold in.


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